Thank You, My Friends!


Big ‘thank you’s’ to my friends, and my new followers, for your support of this blog.  Real food for real people is the theme.  We all need to eat, and I’ve embraced preparing whole foods for my family and friends.   One great joy of my life is to have friends around the table, or on the back deck, or bellied up to the kitchen counter, eating great food.   I don’t like to slave in the kitchen all day, so over the years I’ve developed a body of knowledge of how long various foods take to prepare, how to prep foods and keep them fresh until you’re ready to use them, how to present new foods for people to try, how to stock a pantry with quick meals.   So I’m ready to entertain whenever someone shows up!  And I’m ready to make dinner whenever it’s time — sometimes we get very little time in between activities, and I’d much rather grab something at home than at a drive-through.  Truth be told, we do the drive-through sometimes, but not often.   Life is about balance, life is about friends, life is about sharing.    Thank you for letting me share with you! 

2 thoughts on “Thank You, My Friends!

  1. Lynda Erb

    Hi blonde Belinda – you are still gorgeous – but I really don’t recognize you without your dark – almost black hair. Happy that you and Cindy got together again after so many years! Sounds like you all had such a great time. I’ll be following your new blog – keep up the good work. Lynda (Cindy’s Mom)

    1. eatbysix

      Thanks Lynda! It was really nice to see Cindy. She’s so happy and we have a lot in common, even after all these years. We will see each other again, guaranteed. The blonde is because I’m nearly all grey — no surprise there, we’re not spring chickens anymore!


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