Carlos Santana is Right – It’s a Hot One!

ImageCarlos Santana and Rob Thomas had it right in their song “Smooth”.  Great summer tunes, a kiddie pool, hamburgers on the bbq and watermelon are the remedy for a sweltering hot day!   In Kingston, Ontario we only get a few of these days a year, so I’m definitely not going to complain about the 35 degree + days we’ve been having.  The Weather Network says it’s going to be like this all week.   So yesterday, we bbq’d a dozen hamburgers on the bbq and I put them in the fridge — we can all just grab what we want and no one has to cook.

Watermelon is the best fruit, in my opinion, for hot days.  Keep it nice and cold in the fridge, cut into bite sized pieces so everyone can help themselves.

A nice chilled white wine doesn’t hurt either!  We choose the Jacob’s Creek Riesling at the LCBO and enjoyed sitting in our new fancy ‘deck pool’ while enjoying a glass (or two).

Enjoy the summer — soak up every minute of it!  Yay for hamburgers and watermelon!

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