Food Styling – Necessary or Not?


I’ve been thinking about food styling lately.  Do we really need it to understand what food should look like as a finished product?  Or do we just like great pictures of food.   The ‘food porn’ industry is growing and I personally love to look at mouth watering pictures of great dishes.   

For this blog, I definately need to learn how to take good pictures of food, and a little food styling knowledge might go on a long way!

5 thoughts on “Food Styling – Necessary or Not?

  1. trixpin

    I think from the media side, food styling is a must, as it shows people what to aspire to. If the picture does’t look nice, why would the public buy it/try it?
    Obviously, it can be contrived and not very realistic (like splodges here and there, and plastic decorations for effect) but it makes the food fun and appealing. I know from a personal point of view that I have no (or very little) interest in a cook book with no pictures, or a recipe with bad quality photos.
    Blogs are different, because of the writing that goes with the recipes – funny, personal, witty, they all help to make up for a lack of images.
    It’s fun to take nice pictures though, so good luck with it!

  2. laurasmess

    Definitely agree with Trixie, I’m always enticed by associated images when reading a cookbook or blog. I very rarely choose to follow a recipe without seeing an image of the finished product. Not to say that’s the ‘be all and end all’, as I have an edition of Mrs Beeton from the early 1900’s that I still adore (in terms of tried and tested base techniques!).
    From a personal point of view, I hate food styling. I do style some of my shots to increase the appeal of my blog, but you’ll probably be able to tell that most of the images are purely of the food or ingredients themselves. Beautiful fresh food and process photos work just as well as styled photoshoots, in my opinion. Plus, by letting the food speak for itself I save money on props 😉 You’re doing a great job on here. I think that your writing, your simplistic approach to good honest food and your overall philosophy are selling points by themselves. Have fun with the photography though. It’s pretty fulfilling to know that you’ve captured a picture that does justice to your dish 🙂

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