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1970’s Boat Cruise in Style




When I was a little girl, my dad worked for KLM.  We had wonderful opportunities to travel the world and experience all kinds of interesting foods.   As an adult, I have not been on a cruise ship.  Sure, they are opulent, have food available 24/7 and visit exotic ports of call.   But in my mind, they would pale in comparison to the trip we took as a family on what was, at the time, a very posh experience for a little girl.    I love this picture, obviously taken by my father, showing my sister, my brother, and my mom toasting to the occasion of being together.  I’m the little one in the middle. Check out the old style champagne glasses, and my mom’s fabulous outfit.   I do remember my brother being pretty sea-sick, I don’t think he was having a great time.   More importantly, I remember feeling really special.   This begs the question, do we take to celebrate just being together in special moments these days? 

At my house, we try to create special opportunities with our friends and our family as much as possible.  Most weekends, we’ll have some time to enjoy a great meal.  I’ve been writing in this blog about creating easy and quick meals — which for us is important during the week.  On the weekend, we can afford some extra time to prepare and enjoy foods.  

We’ll often start with some kind of cheese tray, which usually includes a few cheeses: brie, aged cheddar, maybe a blue.  We add some local smoked and cured sausage, we love the new local Seed to Sausage which is available readily at FarmBoy.  A small bowl of olives, and a bowl of almonds or other nuts round it out.  We can pick away at our tray while we pour a glass of wine, and continue on with dinner.

This weekend is supposed to be very nice weather wise. My plan is to make sure we eat outside.  There are only a certain number of days to eat outside in our climate, and I’m not going to waste any of them!    I’m heading to the butcher to find something yummy for the bbq.  Maybe some huge beef ribs from Bob the Butcher!  Wish me luck!

Let’s create opportunities to celebrate simply being together.

Post Vacation Detox






Vacation was amazing. It was great to get out of town and enjoy some great food, great wine and great friends.   Now, I need a rest!  

With so much rich food, it’s time for some detox.  This is a great link to some ‘after vacation detox”.   Time to drink lots of water and eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables!

Food Styling – Necessary or Not?


I’ve been thinking about food styling lately.  Do we really need it to understand what food should look like as a finished product?  Or do we just like great pictures of food.   The ‘food porn’ industry is growing and I personally love to look at mouth watering pictures of great dishes.   

For this blog, I definately need to learn how to take good pictures of food, and a little food styling knowledge might go on a long way!

Rice Stuff – The Perfect “Leftover” Solution


About once a month we have ‘rice stuff’.  I make it when I have to clear out my fridge of leftover meat.  This time, the leftover meat came from HUGE beef ribs which we had made on the weekend.  I had 1/2 of one rib leftover (which ended up being about a 1/2 lb of cooked meat).  I also had a large curried chicken thigh which was in the fridge from 2 days ago.   Neither of these meats would make a meal by itself for 4 people, so I took the meat off the bones and put in a large skillet with some olive oil.  I added half a dozen chopped spring onions, a handful of baby carrots, two chopped small green zucchinis, two very very ripe tomatoes chopped, and one small which eggplant sliced (no one even knew it was in there!).  

I cooked these over medium high heat, stirring for about 15 minutes.  I added salt (about a teaspoon), and a good amount of garlic (the equivalent of two cloves), as well as a few good shakes of black pepper.   Add two cups of chicken stock, and one cup of uncooked white rice. Give the whole mixtured a good stir to get everything incorporated.  It’s not supposed to look pretty. 

Then I added three nobs of unsalted butter on the top, so it would melt through as the mixture cooked over low heat for about 30 minutes.  Turn the heat down to simmer/low, cover with a tight lid, and let the whole thing breakdown, all the rice will cook and absorb the stock, and the butter will help make a nice crust on the bottom. 

We ate it with a cucumber salad (just thinly sliced cucumbers covered in Japanese rice vinegar and a scant amount of organic sugar), and some cut up cheese foccacia bread we had leftover. 

There is none leftover at all.  🙂   


Costco is selling snow suits. Better start Christmas baking.


I was at Costco on the weekend, and they are selling snowsuits and back to school supplies. Is it just me or is this WAYYY too early. If you want to get a deal on these things, wait until the season has arrived (everything will go on sale, I promise!). If you want to be the first one with a new snow suit for your little precious, you might want to consider getting a hobby different than shopping (IMHO).

That’s all. Just an indignant post about pre-winter at Costco.