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1970’s Boat Cruise in Style




When I was a little girl, my dad worked for KLM.  We had wonderful opportunities to travel the world and experience all kinds of interesting foods.   As an adult, I have not been on a cruise ship.  Sure, they are opulent, have food available 24/7 and visit exotic ports of call.   But in my mind, they would pale in comparison to the trip we took as a family on what was, at the time, a very posh experience for a little girl.    I love this picture, obviously taken by my father, showing my sister, my brother, and my mom toasting to the occasion of being together.  I’m the little one in the middle. Check out the old style champagne glasses, and my mom’s fabulous outfit.   I do remember my brother being pretty sea-sick, I don’t think he was having a great time.   More importantly, I remember feeling really special.   This begs the question, do we take to celebrate just being together in special moments these days? 

At my house, we try to create special opportunities with our friends and our family as much as possible.  Most weekends, we’ll have some time to enjoy a great meal.  I’ve been writing in this blog about creating easy and quick meals — which for us is important during the week.  On the weekend, we can afford some extra time to prepare and enjoy foods.  

We’ll often start with some kind of cheese tray, which usually includes a few cheeses: brie, aged cheddar, maybe a blue.  We add some local smoked and cured sausage, we love the new local Seed to Sausage which is available readily at FarmBoy.  A small bowl of olives, and a bowl of almonds or other nuts round it out.  We can pick away at our tray while we pour a glass of wine, and continue on with dinner.

This weekend is supposed to be very nice weather wise. My plan is to make sure we eat outside.  There are only a certain number of days to eat outside in our climate, and I’m not going to waste any of them!    I’m heading to the butcher to find something yummy for the bbq.  Maybe some huge beef ribs from Bob the Butcher!  Wish me luck!

Let’s create opportunities to celebrate simply being together.