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Montreal Style Bagels. Oh Baby!

I’m originally from Montreal.  In fact, I lived there until I was nearly 28.  I’ve lived away for awhile (20 years, so now you know how old I am!).  But I really miss Real Bagel and St. Viateur Bagel.  Really any Montreal bagels will do.  Yagel Bagel.  Fairmount  Bagel. Bagel Bagel .  Hansel and Bagel.   Whenever I visit, I buy a few dozen, eat as many as I can, and freeze the rest.  Inevitably, there comes a time when there are no more bagels in the freezer.    I decided this week…NO MORE!  I gave it a go, and made my first batch of Montreal Style Bagels, right here in my kitchen in Ontario.   They are not the same, of course, but they are much better than the store bought bread circles they call bagels here!

This took me about an hour, and I used my Kitchen Aid.  I think it would be the same amount of time if done completely by hand.

I absolutely must give credit where credit is due.   I  followed My Second Breakfast’s blog recipe.  She has beautiful pictures, and easy to follow instructions.   http://mysecondbreakfast.com/montreal-bagels-recipe/

Here are some pictures of my first attempt:

The final product: