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The Humble Onion



Onions are so versatile.  If I had to guess, I’d say I use onions in nearly every dish I make.  It is most certainly one of the staples you need in your pantry if you are planning to make quick and tasty meals on the fly.   You can thinly slice them to put on top of a Greek salad, you can finely chop them to put them in an omelet, you can dice them to put in a tuna nicoise salad, you can roughly cut them up to throw in a stew, you can make rings to saute  until caramelized and lovingly spread over a beautiful steak.    

There are so many types of onions to consider.  I always have a bag of yellow cooking onions in my cupboard, and 9 times out of 10 I have green onions in the vegetable drawer in my fridge.  A nice red onion is always welcome and the favorite of my partner J.  Sweet Vidalia’s make great onion rings, and an amazing start to French Onion soup.   Small cipollini’s are fantastic in a chicken and dumpling stew or a Boeuf Bourguignon.

Onions are generally inexpensive.  Onions usually keep quite well.  Suffice is to say I love onions, and would not be caught without some in my kitchen!  

Confession Time – What’s In My Fridge?


The most important thing in determining what I’m going to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner, is what’s in my fridge.   Shopping and keeping a stocked pantry is very important to making tasty quick meals.   This doesn’t mean that you have to do one big, very expensive, grocery shopping trip.  

I’ve stocked my fridge and pantry over time.  Each week, I probably go to the grocery store twice.  Once a week I do a fairly large shopping trip, for a family of four I spend about $125 on that ‘big’ trip.  It includes all the basics: milk, eggs, bread, meat, stuff for sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, lots of salad stuff, drinks, cereal, crackers, and other things I might have run out of in the pantry.  Of course that also include toilet paper, shampoo, cat food, kitty litter, and a myriad of other things we don’t need to talk about here.

For the other shopping trip during the week, it’s usually for fresh meat (I tend to buy what’s on sale to work my dinners around), maybe cheese and deli meats, some more fruits and veg.  That trip is usually in the $20-40 range depending on what I buy. 

To stock my pantry, I buy a few things each time I shop.  It could be a spice mix, maybe a new oil (the latest is truffle oil), or a balsamic vinegar.  It could be anchovy paste, or wasabi, or kimchi.  Maybe it’s a great tin of Italian tomatoes, or a special pasta.  I usually find something cool at the store, and add it to my groceries, and it adds a fantastic variety to what we cook and eat!

Here’s a picture of what’s in my fridge today.  And the sheer ‘un-organized-ness’ of it inspires me to clean and re-organize it.  What’s in your fridge?