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Easy Pork Roast, Wine and Kahlua

Friday nights are a time to unwind from the week. At my house we’re lucky to have Monday to Friday jobs so we have ‘real’ weekends. Last night I knew we would eat later in the evening so we could enjoy some appetizers and wine on the deck. Apps were very easy, a variety of cheese and some salami on a platter (with a good cover to keep the mosquitoes away!) and a nice French bread.

When I got home I turned the oven up to its highest temperature, put a small pork rib roast — maybe three pounds — in a heavy cast iron. About 2 tablespoons of olive added added the necessary fat, I covered the roast with salt, pepper, dried garlic and an Italian spice mix from the pantry. Uncovered I put the pot in the oven for about twenty minutes. With the timer on the oven on, I walked away. 20 minutes later, I turned the roast over, added two yellow onions (skinned and quartered) and a cup of water. I turned the heat down to 280 degrees and put the cover on, set the timer for two hours and walked away.

We had our appetizers, our wine, great conversation on the deck, until the timer went off around 7 p.m. I cut up two nice fresh tomatoes, sliced two pieces of bocconcini cheese, placed these on a plate, added a splash of olive oil, salt, pepper and a drizzle of truffle oil. I served up the two dishes, followed up by some red velvet ice cream and a Kahlua and everyone was satisfied! What a nice Friday evening! I love these warm summer days!!